Why Choose To Vape Nic Salts?

Why Choose To Vape Nic Salts? Why I think Salt Nic Eliquid is the future of vaping

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  1. Ok you know what you're talking about. I will pay you for a consultation or something if you will help me. I've been vaping for about 16 years. Started with dripping thats how long ago lol. There were zero local vape shops, no one else I knew vaped, not much information about it, etc. I almost went back to smoking in the first 6mo until I found Cinnamon flavored juice. For some reason, only the cinnamon flavor gave the feel of a throat hit that resembled a cigarette. I use Smok NordX now, so I know it's not due to my device. But I've read that Cinnamon juice is bad for you. Can you tell me why this is the only one that feels like it gives that throat hit? Is it in my head? Is cinnamon really bad for you? Can you help me with this? I'm too old to go talk to the teenagers that work in the local vape shops now lol.

  2. The quality of this channel is underrated , one of the most proper , informative and super thorough guys I’ve watched to date . I just picked up the aegis pro pod system wich also has 510 adapting top , Rdta and the pod I’m currently using for my salt nic , I’ve had it total of about 2hrs and man oh man it’s great just upgraded from aegis hero , and mind you there are amazing other mods out there BUT I’m a welder , weld 40-50hrs a week in a hot dirty job so I have to have the most durable mods they make and this mod can take getting ran over literally , it’s water proof/shockproof etc etc amazing mod

  3. I was a smoker for 30 years I've been cigarette free for almost 2 years now I like doing nic salts 24mg here and there and a 3mg in regulated mods definitely will help anyone get off cigarettes and stay off them I use the novo 3 mtl pod system for salts

  4. I use 50 mg on my nord 2 with the rpm coil at 20 watts why can’t I feel it in my lungs…. I think I have a problem lol I guess mixing tobacco and weed in bong rips would explain…

  5. Heya – only just found this channel – I love your style. I've been me, and you've also been me cos we're all one 😛 More seriously though – can you get 35mg nic salts in the UK?

  6. Watching this while using a ooze battery pen with a liberty v9 cartridge thanks for the review I use the lava flow Nick salt in my tank the v9 has top airflow and been loving this setup use it for work

  7. Help i have a smok Nord X and use salt nic and im so lost on which RPM coil to buy? Im leaning towards the .6 triple instead of the .4 but im at a loss someone please.

  8. Is anyone else running a sub ohm rpm coil on 5w with 50MG nic Salts?

    Like this is normal for me.

    I hear people running 30-40Ws with Nic Salts. Jesus!

    Maybe it's the fact I run sub ohm coils with low wats.

    I get great battery

  9. I think I’m going to try some I was doing really good for about a year vaping on 12 mg but I seem to fall off the wagon so I think I’m going to try salts a try I only use the zenith tank So we’ll see how it turns out thanks for the info

  10. Where did it go wrong ?
    Edge raspberry dessert 50ml shortfill (a recommendation by your good self I might add) with a 10ml nic shot perfectly mixed using the Smok 0.17 mesh coil in the Fetch Pro vaping at 30/35 and 40 watts , burnt two coils pretty much immediately, wasn't going to waste any more….what went wrong ?

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