WellonTech LUX Refillable Pod System Review

LUX PodSystem is a new e-cigarette starter kit from Wellon. Easier, smarter, simpler! The best e-cig for beginners. Just Simple. Try it out!
#Wellon LUX Pod is your best Pod System Vape option.
#WELLONLUX Vape Pen Review –
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#WellonLUXPodSystem Features
Battery: Al Alloy, ABS
Cartridge: Cu, pctg, magnet
Coil: oil-absorbing ceramic coil

Whole body size: 95*19*10.6mm
Whole body N.W.: 22g
Battery capacity: 450mah
Charging time: 2h
E-liquid capacity: 1.2ml
Resistance range: 1.4Ohm

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Original Title: Review: LUX Pod System is a new e-cigarette starter kit from Wellon Tech

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