Vaping Pure Menthol – The coldest menthol e-liquid

If you’ve seen any amount of our e-liquid review videos, you know that Chris and Ian absolutely love menthol vape juice. Well, we decided to take their love of cold menthol to the max. Ian ha a huge bottle of the strongest menthol concentrate you can possibly make.

First, they add the menthol to some e-liquid to make it colder than ever. Then they go on to vape straight menthol. It’s the coldest vape you can possibly have. Although this is a safe thing to do, it does still freeze your face off and is pretty intense. Hope you enjoy.

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  1. in the end I always come back to straight up menthol or mint juices. Iced fruit flavors are nice, but to me the fruit always just seems like a side-note. I Love Salts spearmint by Mad Hatter or Blvk Unicorn spearmint are both favorites of mine. Bout to try ILS menthol and see what that's about

  2. Hi guys, the menthol solution looks awesome…

    BTW, If after the vape juice is made, i don't have enough menthol flavoring, when I add a bit more Flavor West menthol flavoring, would I have to balance it out with equal amt of VG or not?

    If I have commercial premade vape juice 50/50, can I add a drop or two of menthol flavor (PG?) without worrying about the ratios? Or i better add back the few drop of (VG)? Is there quick way to add more icyness to commerically made ejuice?

  3. Both their salivas are mixing to the vape lol.thats why i dont wanna share vape with others like,Get a life and buy your own Vape,shizzle pickle pee !

  4. i heared on google if swallowed or inhaled a concentrated amount of menthol it can cause ur lungs to get numb and it can cause seriouse side effects like seizures coma and death is that true cause im scared to vape menthol now

  5. I’m so frustrated because I want to get a non salt high menthol vape juice and many smoke shops don’t sell them. I’ve been using the same vape juice which is berry cool by salt and I just got a a vape pen that can’t handle salt products. Any help is greatly appreciated

  6. I love your content, it's as refreshing as the flavors you try! especially these type of challenge videos and vaping the grossest eliquid series!

  7. If I make a peppermint menthol and koolada 1ltr I want it to be lips burning too so too much vape is like brain freeze but with a tank brain freeze… How do I make it like that? The percentage guys need help please.. also I am aware I'm probably only gonna get it like a 50/50 mix because of the menthol

  8. I have a challenge for you, vape some menthol or 'iced' e-liquid and then drink ice cold water… It's like the brain freeze from hell 🀣πŸ₯ΆπŸ€£

  9. Imagine Zamplebox disposables called something like "Vape Roulette" and it could be a fan favorite flavor or something like cheese or pepper

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