Top 10 Best Vape Juice Brands For 2021 – Best E Liquid!

While we love hardware here at MIST, it’s vape juice that truly makes vaping great. After all, the vape device is just the vehicle, but it’s the destination that matters. So what is the best vape juice?

While we’re big fans of our own wide range of vape juices, available in standard mix, high VG, salts and short fills, we get the chance to try many a vape brand in our day to day.

Today we here at MIST are compiling a list of some of our favourite vape juices from companies around the world! Some of we have in store, others we’re just so enthusiastic about we had to include them anyway!

The Best Vape Juice List Is Below:

MIST Short Fills
Koncept XIX
Doozy Vape Co.
Charlie’s Chalk Dust
Riot Squad
Wick Liquor
Ohm Boy
Twelve Monkeys



  1. Hi , I don’t know if you can help me or not , I been vaping on juice hog cob roller for the past 4 years now the juice is discontinued, I been buying lots of juices hoping I can fined similar flavor with no luck , can you please recommend any type of juice you think it’s similar in flavor most importantly the juice hog was not too sweet , thanks in advance, great video by the way love the energy, keep it up

  2. Onpupulair opinion but vampire vape heisenbergh is diguisting. I mean the anish is to high and it gives u a warm anish flavor in your mouth that is highly unlikeble to advise. I vape it on 60-80 watts in my smok x-priv tfv12 tank with a q4-0,4 ohms. I have a 100ml bottle of it it and the only thing i want to do with it is to throw it in the garbage. The smell of the ejuice itselfe is btw great but not the taste.

  3. Just starting out, but some of my favorites so far:

    Brand – Flavor

    Naked – Very Cool
    Pop – Chilled Banana
    Humble – Unicorn Treats
    Chain Vapes – Why So Cereal?

  4. I got a question it's my first time vaping. I have a vape pen but I'm not sure what do i put in the vape pen, like i heard you mix it with flavors and stuff but what do i buy tho? Like the liquid oil or something.

  5. Nobody is gonna mention that liquid bottles are looking mor like dildos now a days 😏 girls: im out of liquid 🤷‍♀️ let pleasure myself now 🤣🤣🤣

  6. Is there any nicotine free juices out there ? 😓 i quit smoking weed anf i want a vape but don’t want nicotine anything

  7. Got to say that my favorite is Twelve monkeys Kanzi and Harambe. I just love the freshness of the Harambe and the Sweet strawberry from Kanzi, perfect combo!

  8. My top 5:
    1. VGOD lushice
    2. Illusions Taste of God X
    3.GR8PE by taffy man
    4.Vapolucious by 3bubbles
    5. West ( a liquid that I purchased during a holiday in London , but I never found it back , also i dont recall the manufactor 🙁 )

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