Tips To Help Hone in on your Basketball skills

Tips To Help Hone in on your Basketball skills

1. Conditioning, Quickness and Strength

Conditioning, quickness and strength are all attributes that may be difficult to improve, but can be worked on through repetition and hard work. To stay in your tip-top shape, it’s important to take care of your health by sleeping and eating well. Speed drills, weightlifting, and quickness workouts are also a great place to shift your focus and can help you improve your level of production in these areas.


2. Mental Toughness

The best way to improve your mental toughness would be to put yourself in situations where you are uncomfortable and competing at a high level. This will make things much easier when you are going against your peers. Surround yourself with players who understand the game so that you can gain knowledge on spacing, movement, defense, and other aspects of the game that are more of a feel and are harder to teach. Go play at your local park where the competition and basketball IQ is higher. You will be amazed at how much you can learn by stepping outside of your comfort zone.

3. Ball Skills

In my opinion the most ground can be gained in these areas through practice. Take two to three hundred shots a day, but make sure they are quality and that you have been taught the correct form, release, and rotation. Do not limit yourself to just being a shooter, slasher, post, etc.

Work on your footwork and how you attack the basket. This will give you more opportunities to score.

Master your dribbling on your own, there are hundreds of ball skills that you can incorporate into your daily routine. If you are not proficient at handling the ball, this game becomes much harder, and your window of opportunity diminishes.

You should also work on your passing skills. The number of ways an individual can pass will limit their success. Be able to bounce pass, chest pass, hook pass, pass with left and right hands. The more options you have, the better the chance you have of delivering the ball through quick adaptions to pressure and defense.

Basketball is a great game, yet you need to equip yourself and add the correct habits to your arsenal to be able to compete at a high level.

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