Talking Tuesday – Q&A with the Starch Queens – Sept 25, 2018

Todays topics include

Best plant-based documentaries?
Fresh or Frozen? What is best to buy?
favorite airplane travel foods?
How to use ACV for gut health
First State to Ban the Sale of Products Tested on Animals
Yeah California!
Falling back into health
letting go of dairy and sugar
Letting acidic foods back into your diet
“organic,” but what does that really mean

Best plant-based documentaries to show?


Animation The Scarecrow Animation By SAMPICS

1) Forks Over Knives (2011)
2) Vegucated (2011) –
3) Eating You Alive (2016)
4) Food Choices (2016) –
5) What The Health (2017)
6) PlantPure Nation (2015)
7) Chow Down (2010)
8) Rotten – Netflix series –
9) Cowspiracy –

Fresh vs Frozen
Lisa Sin Any thoughts on shopping. I am on disability and get paid the beginning of each month .I tend to have a challenge when it comes to buying fresh veg over canned, Sometimes when I have bought fresh greens some have gone bad from not being able to eat them in time. I’m thinking if it was canned I wouldn’t have to worry. It’s hard for me to make it stretch .

favorite airplane travel foods?
The Best Food Is Always Your Food – In other words, CARRY YOUR OWN FOOD WITH YOU!
Fruits: My favorite traveling food is the apple.

buy bananas at the airports, but they don’t travel as well.

Salads: I carry two big disposable containers of salads with me.
Sandwiches: Hummus and Baked Tofu Sandwiches
Sushi Rolls
Nut butter sandwich
Instant oatmeal packets
Granola bars
Hummus wrap
Seeds & nuts
Fresh fruit
Cut up raw vegetables
Nut butter into go packets
Tea packets
Rice crackers
Kale chips
Unsweetened dried fruit
Veggie burger
Fruit and nut bars
Plain Baked Potato ask for steamed veggies on the side

Bring a simple light weight steamer. Pack it in your carry on. Barely weighs a pound.

Favorite hotel foods
Contact Your Hotel: Many hotels will be willing and able to prepare for your arrival in advance.

Favorite foods to buy at Whole Foods when hoteling in a big city?
Engine 2 foods

Using ACV to improve gut health
Apple cider vinegar is derived from fermented apple juice.
contain probiotics, or bacteria that help keep your gut and digestive system healthy.
“If you get raw, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar, it contains the ‘mother”.
That consists of enzymes, proteins, and probiotics which leach into the liquid
Since pasteurization removes the mother, any potential probiotic benefit is lost unless you get the raw stuff.

Falling back into health
summer months can impact your healthy lifestyle by going to barbeques, parties, vacations and so on. Then, how to reset and get back to your healthy lifestyle.
How to “reset”
How to take the Plant Based lifestyle to the next level of healing.
What are the many levels of a plant based lifestyle and how to navigate the best choice to heal your body?

Letting acidic foods back into your diet affects your health.
The cellular truth. “there is no such thing as moderation”
Your cells never sleep and so on.

“organic,” but what does that really mean

U.S. Department of Agriculture, organic farming practices preserve the environment and avoid most synthetic materials, including pesticides and antibiotics.
must receive annual on-site inspections
not use genetically modified crops.
being organic doesn’t mean a food is healthy.
You can now buy pesticide-free potato chips/organic jelly beans, organic Oreo cookies.
Junk food is still junk food, even if it was produced organically.
review of hundreds of studies found that organic produce doesn’t seem to have significantly more vitamins and minerals.
have more nontraditional nutrients, like polyphenol antioxidants,
conventionally grown plants given high-dose synthetic nitrogen fertilizers
divert more resources to growth rather than defense.
This may be why organic berries, for example, appear to suppress cancer growth better than conventional berries in vitro.
Conventional produce appears to have twice the levels of cadmium,toxic heavy metals
What about pesticide residues?
detected in 11 percent of organic crop samples due to accidental or fraudulent use, cross-contamination from neighboring nonorganic fields, or the lingering presence of persistent pollutants like DDT in the soil.