SALT Nicotine VS Normal Nicotine Freebase. Which is Better?

SALT Nicotine VS Normal Freebase Nicotine. Which is Better?

In this video, We pit salt nicotine vs normal nicotine we’re used to using. Please feel free to share your experience with salt nicotine or freebase normal nicotine in the comments below.

** What is Salt Nicotine? Is it Safe?

Benzoic Acid used with Salt Nicotine:

Salt Nicotine is comprised of the same exact nic that’s found in its natural state in the tobacco leaf. If this form of nicotine was added to the liquid that we vape, we’d need to vape it at extremely high temperatures for the nicotine solution to be effective, and it still wouldn’t be as easily absorbed as freebase normal nic. Similarly, like freebase, salt nicotine needs some modification too.

Benzoic acid is the answer. It lowers the pH levels of salt nicotine, reducing alkalinity in the process. Freebase normal nic requires an old method discussed in the video. Have you been mixing with salt nicotine? What do you think of Salt Nic? Is it better than freebase normal nic?

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  1. I Usualy mix those two, i mean, i can't smoke pure salt nicotine it's a bit, you know, it'll mess with my head so, when i for example buy a Tobacco e-juice or, whatever the flavour is, i just buy the same flavour but in Salt, and i mix a little bit of that salt in my atomizer along with the e-juice and, it's kinda feels great for me i mean i, i don't have to ruin my coils and replace them often, i don't have to actually use the Mod or Pod Mod (i have both) to a higher temp and, i will be just satisfied with a pop per few minutes i guess
    And the money the author mentioned, yes it reflects on that area as well cause you'll end up taking less pops so, it'll probably last longer so in overall, Mixing is the best option for me and also for my Pods cause they'll probably last longer, the coil, the battery, everything

  2. The only thing I've learned from this video is that if you're going bald, and have black hair you need a really close shave.

  3. dude since i quit smoking ive been loving the salts, the salts ease the throat hit and freebase is harsh which means that i vape less with freebase

  4. I switched to salt nic mod and liquid today and like it more already the draw on the mod is a lot like a cigarette and just a couple drags on some 50mg salt nic eliquid satisfies me for a lot longer compared to regular vaping

  5. Back when I owned a Smok X-Cube II (like 3-4 years ago i think?) and were blasting smokes I would still occasionally go back to my normal cigarettes.. But now.. with a wayyy lower powered PAL-II Pro paired with 35mg Salt Nic liquids, I'm proud to say the last time I've bought a 20stick pack cigs was monday last week and there's still 15 sticks left in it today. From a 1 pack per day to a one pack per week in one week baby yeah!! 😂

  6. Steam there's nobody mixing with salts n I'm ready..everyone's saying if I wanna make 25-30 mg that I need 25% flavorings? That can't be right especially if I'm making a mint menthol cause TFA spearmint is pretty damn strong n menthol too.. If I make a simple mint menthol at 25 mg salt..I'm thinking 1-3% spearmint with 5-9% menthol..even at 25 mg..I can't see using 25% flavorings(depending on what flavor concentrate) thoughts? Wish there was more vids mixing salts cause been getting alotta questions about it and I haven't even mixed yet but I already know how by weight n volume by research

  7. I’m having trouble figuring out what type of nic salt to purchase to help me quit my smoking habit. Do I purchase one with menthol in it to curb my cravings or will the regular nic salt juices help with curbing my cravings on its own? Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

  8. When i started stop smoking, i used device that look, hand feel, tight airflow just like cigarette. And i used 30mg salt nic which gave me a lil bit headache at first day. But then after the 5th puff i totally forgot about cigarette.

    Today i'm 3 month free without cigarette and switching into free base 9mg, bec i don't need nicotine kick as fast as when i stopped smoking anymore..

  9. Steam do companies like Nkd 100 n Vgod get their high 50 mg juices so clear.People have complained about liquid barn,liquid nicotine wholesalers, nude nic,pur nic etc etc n lotta people complain its dark or too yellow n some say get it in VG or Pg..I know each batch of nic is different but which company would you recommend I get my nic from? Any of those? I saw CMT is like 100$ for 100 ml.That might not translate to better..What is your experience when tryna buy clearest salt nic? Cause my GF is already against Diy for whatever reason but if I make her that easy might mint 50 mg..its gotta be clear to prove to her I can do this if that makes any sense.I live in flav ban NY n soon gonna be back to Diy but need her onboard lol

  10. I live in Germany so the only way to get e Juice with salts is to mix it yourself.
    Im currently at 3mg freebase used in a regular subohm.
    If i'll buy Salt shots and Mix them so I would have 3mg what Liquid would Hit Harder 3mg of salts or 3 mg of freebase.

  11. I wanted to quit smoking so I bought a full kit vape. My problem is choosing the right juice. It's mentolated but its not the same as smoking cig. 🙁

  12. I mixed 3/4 of the 60ml bottle (70vg/30pg), 6mg with Salt Nic 1/4 (60vg/30pg) 35mg. Is that ok? Any idea how much nic I'm vaping now?

  13. I have a small Vape A refill pod i use a juice called yogurt it says it’s made from salt water in Saint Augustine Florida but when I smoke it I find it sort of makes my chest hurt I want to try to find a juice that will not do that does anyone have a suggestion?

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