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Thank you for checking out our Review of the Ruthless Nicotine Salt eJuice collection! Ruthless Vapor is a popular e-juice manufacturing company out of So Cal specializing in sweet candy flavors and has been in business since 2011. Their new ruthless Nic Salt eJuice flavors include Swamp Thang, Grape Dank, EZ Duz It and 2 ‘On Ice’ (menthol) flavors. The line can be purchased at eJuicePlug ( where they are currently running a sale and offering prices as low $4.99. The line is available in 30/60/120ml sizes and 0/3/6/35mg strengths.

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  1. Your right some nic salts are harsh even at 35 mg..I noticed when my Vapetasia lemon custard got older n darker was really harsh at 50mg but I've vaped 100s of companies n I'd have to say their all decent..some even give u a weird buzz compared to others..I tried salty man blu razz which I didn't like till half the bottle was gone n flavors fully steeped but what was unusual about it was I immediately tasted tobacco. It got a lot better over two weeks but even now when I smell the empty bottle,still smells like tobacco? But I recently contacted Nkd 100 with some BS story about my sensitivity to PG just to figure out if they used their salt nic in a VG base or PG base cause damn..their juices are Ultra Clear n Ultra smooth..I diy vape juice n really wanted to know what brand or company Nicotine salts they use cause its top notch but all they would tell me was Oh…its 50/ I know that most salt NICs are..maybe they meant the nic salt itself is made with 50%vg50%pg as a base but still wish I knew what brand nic they use cause there's really only bout 10 nic companies in US that make Diy nic salts..there is one called CMT that's like 100$ for 120 ml bottle! I'm thinking bout buying it cause tried liquid barn n nic select by liquid nicotine wholesalers n ehhh one was peppery n other a lil orange.Sorry to rant bro lol but Nude Nic makes quality and Pur Nic also..I live in NY n dealing with flavor ban which I'm managing to jump thru hoops to get shelf brands so been getting into Diy again n believe it or not some companies will sell me everything I need except any flavor concentrates!! What good is that lol.Thought diy would be exempt cause the flavoring to EJUICE is food grade which you can cook with etc. So yeah,there's that. Lol.Thanx for review it helped n bought grape drank..Ps- Vgod is outstanding quality juice too but don't get grape..tastes like cough medicine a lil bit haa

  2. I've noticed some salt NICs are more harsh than others.Like Cuttwood unicorn milk 35 mg is more harsh than Nkd 100 50 mg salt.Its prob the nic salt they use..cause there's better nic companies than others plus they offer smooth n throat..maybe they used throat.Plus cheap juices I get more in my mouth due to too much PG I believe.

  3. Has anyone had issues with the grape drank nic salt immediately burning their coil? I use the suorin air, and the first time I used the grape drank I allowed 20 minutes prior to vaping, and with the first draw it burnt my coil. I got an awful burnt taste than even irritated my throat. I was hoping it was a defective pod, so I filled a new pod and allowed that one to sit overnight before hitting it. SAME THING! Luckily the vape shop I bought my pods from gave me two free ones in case they came from a bad batch, but I’m afraid to try again! This is a brand new bottle of salts and it smells amazing!! Help!!

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