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The Harmless Cigarette is my most recent choice to find an aid or alternative to successfully stop smoking. In this video, we will unbox and briefly review the Harmless Cigarette.


If you need help quitting smoking, it is at your fingertips! A simple Google search, a visit to Reddit, and even YouTube can be great places to find communities focused on the subject. The intent behind this and future videos I post relating to quitting smoking is to build a support community for everybody interested in quitting. If you have successfully quit, used a specific method to help you quit, or are in the process of trying to quit, LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW! Somebody will respond, and together we can build a community of supporters to help others and help each other.



  1. My sister made a point to me. She who was also a smoker but quit, told me that I have an "oral fixation" and that I'm not a natural smoker. I thought about that and I feel she was right. I tried vaping, the serious vapes and the juul type shit and that was too expansive for me. There's no vape shops close to where I live, and ordering juice and replacement parts added up quicker than just grabbing a pack. Juul was ridiculous for the cartridges, and when they killed the fruity flavors I said fuck it. I'm looking for something that's like a real cig but has none of the bullshit because really I ended up smoking for the smoke break at work vs my earlier love and need for that hit earlier on when I started. Vapes just didn't do it for me.

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