Make Your Own E-liquid in 5 Steps

– for more on DIY E-liquid mixing
– e-liquid calculator and recipe site
– e-liquid calculator and recipe site
– VG/PG/Additive and Flavoring Shop
– The recipe in the video


ECX (US) –
LiquidBarn (US) –
Chef’s Flavours (UK) –

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  1. a good tip is placing thr bottle after its mixed in some hot water to loosed the liwuid so you dont have to shake as hard/as much
    i work at a vape whop where we do this and shake it in rags to help ease thhe pressure on our hands

  2. I started making My own DIY because of your vids. Recently I was scammed by SMOK by being slammed with an import tax. Apparently, it was indicated the recipient be responsible for the customs fees. Let me tell you it was a hefty amount and there was no prior warning of any kind. They laughed at me when I asked them to pay it. I am left with no tank/coils now as I will not support their company any longer. Do you have a reputable company that makes a simple tank like the Big baby was? I just need an easy to use, nice flavor, not hard to get, not hard on coils using DIY juice tank and coils option and I am now out of touch with the retail vape market as I have been doing the DIY thing for over a year.

    EDIT: PS: You video on making simple vape juice saved me from giving up LOL

  3. I'm getting a 4oz bottle of VG And PG mix. it's 60 % Propylene Glycol & 40 % Vegetable Glycerin. would that be good if I just add flavor and if so, how much for a 30ml bottle. I'm not adding nicotine

  4. Yeah I'm not understanding how to calculate the nicotine. My nicotine is in a PG base so when I put the recipe in it says it don't work. This should be easy wtf.

  5. I don't care what the calculator says…..that was not enough flavoring at all πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ not even close. If you were going for a floral alcohol flavor, then the PG has got you covered

  6. I can't find the calculator on the site referred to here "" I see recipes but no calculator. Could someone provide me a link? I found a bunch of calculators online but I don't understand some of the ingredients they want me to add (Vodka?) and they seem more complicated. Thank you.

  7. Thanks!! This vape ban coming up might take all flavors off the market so I really dig this video man! Now I can still have my flavors

  8. You vape unsteeped juice with no sweeteners or enhancer? Must have tasted like peppery, warm, tasteless air. But if you like it, all that matters.

  9. And no mention of "steeping". Which to anyone with even the slightest bit of chemistry knowledge knows doesn't apply to these extracted/purified and water soluble ingredients.

    Unless of course you're making your own flavorings from tea leaves or coffee grounds or mint leaves etc.

    Thank you.

  10. "Step 2 – buy the necessary materials such as flavourings and nicotine…" – there's the first problem innit?
    The number of dickheads saying 'i'll just make my own' lol.
    You really think their gonna let you keep selling that gear? Not much point watching steps 3, 4 , and 5.

  11. Do you guys know of anyone or any way to figure out what is in a specific juice? For example, Juice guys distro has a juice called "Arcadia" that I love, but I wouldn't even know where to start to recreate it.
    Other juices I would like to recreate

    Summer Delight by Aria

    Blackberry Lemonade by Vapetasia (The old recipe, they changed it recently)

    Peach Bango by VapeNY (Juice is delicious but basically unvapable I'm assuming due to the nicotine used, also is insanely over priced at $25 for 30ml)

  12. Been watching you from the get go..Vaped a ton of Bronuts with my Joytech evic VT.. Thanks Wayne for all you do for the Vape community.

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