Healthiest Raw Alcohol that Can Get You Drunk: Kombucha Beer

John from shares the healthiest Alcoholic Beverage that can get you Drunk! In this episode, John and his friend Mauricio taste test 5 different kind of raw Kombucha beverages:
GT’s Enlightened Kombucha – Multigreen Flavor
GT’s Classic Kombucha – Gingerade (21 and over)
Mauricio’s Homebrew Kombucha with Oolong Tea
Unity Vibration Triple-Goddess Raspberry Kombucha Beer
Unity Vibration Triple-Goddess Bourbon Peach Kombucha Beer

You will discover John’s opinions on Kombucha, if he considers it a health food, how much you might want to drink and so much more.

Next, You will discover the “over 21” kombucha that is not sold to minors and may contain over 0.5% alcohol and how this affects John who is a “lightweight” and rarely if EVER drinks alcohol.

Finally, John and Mauricio will taste test the best Kombucha Beer that contains 8% alcohol content. You will see John get buzzed on this raw, vegan, unpasturized, gluten-free, grain-free beer. John will share his thoughts on Alcoholic Beverages as a health food and his thoughts on drinking alcohol in general. You will also discover how to get the health benefits from alcoholic beverages WITHOUT drinking them!

After watching this episode, you will be learn more about the different types of kombucha and if you might want to drink You will discover the healthiest raw vegan alcoholic beverage to drink if you want to get drunk. You will also learn how to save the most money if you have a kombucha habit and so much more.

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