Don't Buy Another Juul Pod: WATCH THIS! | IndoorSmokers

Today I’m Ranting about Juul! Don’t Spend another Dollar on them!

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  1. Spot on have been vapeing 3plus years down to 3mg. A few weeks ago someone gave me a disposable vape IGET and I loved it and now I know why I'm pretty sure it was 50mg nic salts and am actually craving it. Back to square one LOL.

  2. I work at a store in the UK that sells JUUL and I have not sold a single one I just can't wait for the day we can send them back and not get anymore in. πŸ™‚

  3. I’m hitting my juul pod right now it’s expensive but fuck it all other pods I’ve tried over 50 atleast diff devices they all taste like stale perfume and don’t hit like I need it too

  4. You didn’t realize this years ago? Lol…. they also contain boric acid….. not good. PS – they’re partially owned by Marlboro. Boycott JUUL

  5. Nic salts are great but I'm starting to hate vaping only because I can't find the right juice vs coils wasted 100s of dollars on freebase vs Nic salts coils vapes etc and couldn't find the right mix and no one can fuckin tell you whats the right options. Plus coil flooding etc. I'm thinking that's why people go to juuls you just need a cartridge and bam that's it.

  6. Nicotine is not addictive, but the whole chemical compound found in cigs. Pods are bs because they are made to destroy the real vape industry, made by Big tobacco ofc. Say no to pods guys, don't review them, don't buy them!

  7. Damn man after seeing this ima go buy a vape fuck a juul cause honestly I'm badly addicted to juul pods but at the end of the day its my mind thats fucked off on nicotine to the point where I'd rather smoke my juul then hit my thc carts but shit after this ima throw my shit away

  8. I've noticed I chain vape a lot more with nic salts.

    Or maybe it's just because I've started mixing my own juice and I'm so aware that my juice is now 80% cheaper πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

  9. I just switched to salt nic from pods. I realized I saved over $320 while I spent $30 on my device and $23 on juice that last me 1 1/2 week to 4 weeks depending on the size. Literally so much money saved and 3 coils for $10 to last you 3 months. Stop putting too much nicotine in a vape and bring back the vape industry 4-5 year ago.

  10. Juul is big tobacco's power grab. If they became the only option, they
    will be putting in all the same poisons that are in cigarettes,to keep
    you sick, docile, and addicted. They claim candy and dessert flavors
    lure kid. The issue for big tobacco, and the criminals they lobby to, is
    not what flavors lure kids to. It's what it lures them away
    from.TOBACCO! Not to mention that vaping is a lot less harmful than
    abusing the candies and desserts they mimic.

  11. JUUL is big tobacco. Vaping saved me over six years ago. I vaped for a year. Half of which was as a non smoker. I miss vaping, but never missed smoking in the least. even after a 40 year smoking spree. Now I'm dusting off the mechs and rda/rtas and jumping back in with 0mg juice. I'm doing it to vape with my daughter as I try to get her off the smokes. But now that these salts are out there , it like pulling teeth to find standard freebase juice that is above 6mg. With all the BS shutdowns right now I can't just run to the vape shop.

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