Beginner's Guide To Making E-Liquid – DIY Tutorial and Cost

In this video I explain how to make your own E Juice from home. You will understand why you should strongly consider making your own juice as well after this informative video!

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Triton T3 Scale:

DIY Concentrates:

DIY E-Liquid Base:

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  1. Question, are you getting your e liquid base from the flavor jungle website. Once I click on the link that’s where it takes me but I’m having a hard time because it doesn’t give me an option or say anything about 70/30 or 50/50

  2. Good video, but this is about the most expensive way to make vape juice. If you mix your pg, VG, nicotine and flavor separately, it's about a fifth of the cost

  3. 3 Months till countdown….I finally will do this myself. Once the new law kicks in Im not paying 3x what I was.
    Already recieved an email from a ejuice vendor saying they will be closing their doors when the bill starts…..They really F'd us vapors while killing many who wont be able to get the juice locally anymore from shutdowns.

  4. I know I'm late commenting but it's bad advice from people who are putting themselves in the spot light that is making it hard for the rest of the world to embrace vaping. I know this isn't a big deal but if you're going to say it at least check your facts. Making a bottle of juice with 5 separate flavors does not take anywhere close to 30-40 minutes just check the other videos here on youtube. If you are new to mixing it might take 20 minutes for a 5 flavor juice. I made 3 different bottles during the first 7minutes of this video. I appreciate the effort but don't give grossly incorrect info just to get your point across. The vaping community needs to be taken more serious. It's starts with the brave ones who are putting themselves out there and making videos for the world to criticize. Great video besides that small part.

  5. Hmm… I think I'm doing something wrong. I have a Berry Menthol concentrate from Vampire Vape and I think that I'm mixing everything correctly but my Juice just tastes like a bad tobacco juice… Did I do something wrong?

  6. Hi Titan Vapes, 1st I want to say thanks for posting this vid. But I have a question. I followed the steps (exactly) in your video, but the cotton candy juice I made isn't very sweet. How can I make it sweeter or more full flavor of the cotton candy?

  7. The website you linked for premixed e-liquid base no longer sells it. The only vendor I could find that sells the premixed stuff is LiquidBarn and they are pricey. $20 for 500 ml plus $10 for shipping

  8. If after it is made i don't have enough menthol flavoring, when I add a bit more menthol flavoring, i would have to balance it out with equal amt of VG right?

    If I have commercial premade vape juice 50/50, can I add a drop or two of menthol flavor (PG?) without worrying about the ratios? Or i better add back the few drop of (VG) what is a quick way to add more iciness to commerically made ejuice?

  9. My ejuice plug discontinued my favorite flavor. How could I reverse the recipe? My juice is ecblend Fire and Ice, 12m 50/50. I know its hot cinnamon with a little bit of cool hit, but dont know the flavor percentages.

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