A Beginners Guide To Nic Salts // Why Use Nic Salts To Quit Smoking

Why Use Nic Salts To Quit Smoking A Beginners Guide.

For more information on our favourite nic salts:


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  1. Nic salts are the way to go, can't sing their praises enough, properly replicate the nicotine rush of a cigarette. I just wish current smokers who tried vaping and thought it wasn't for them tried nic salts instead of the tame freebase by comparison.

  2. I am a new subscriber and I was just curious what RPM coil resistance would be safe to use with nic salts…I ordered the NORD 4 and didn't even think about that until I saw your sub ohm mtl video.

  3. Really enjoying your videos! Keep up the good work!

    Where do you buy all your juices from? Looking to find a new online store, any recommendations would be great.

    Thank you

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