503's Cool Runnings Review

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503’s Cool Runnings Review
I’m vaping on an eGo pass through with an iClear 16 dual coil atomizer. The liquid is a 50/50 or 60/40 mix of PG/VG.

I’m doing a little update with my written review. I’m still covering the same basics, but now with little headers to help you find the part you want to read quicker. 🙂

The Smell:
Cool Runnings has a strong but pleasant coconut smell. I’m reminded more of coconut milk and less of coconut shavings. The coconut tones are strong, but not overpowering. Some coconut flavors can have notes that are so overwhelming they make me a little queasy; this is not the case with Cool Runnings. Under pinning the coconut is a note of a mint. The minty notes remind me mostly of spearmint, which is a pleasent surprise.

The Look:
503 bottles their eliquids in a dark blue bottle (i like those) so we can’t see the fluid by looking at the bottle. Inside the eye dropper (i like those too) we can see the coloration has a very light amber hue. When pulled from the bottle with my blunt tip syringe the liquid shows it is slightly viscous. I suspect the liquid is a 50/50 or 60/40 mix of PG/VG; or likely something in between.

The Vape:
The flavor of Cool Runnings is interesting. The coconut flavor is the strongest flavor, though it isn’t an overpowering coconut. I found the coconut flavor to be just the right strength that I could enjoy it. I had originally expected this to be a coconut menthol blend, however the note underneath the coconut are more reminiscent of a spearmint. With spearmint there still exist a touch of menthol since menthol is a compound that is extracted from mints, but the cooling effect isn’t very strong. The spearmint flavor is a nice touch and I found it surprising and enjoyable.

The Verdict:
I liked Cool Runnings. I’ll happily enjoy finishing the bottle. I don’t think I would personally hunt down the flavor to reorder, but I definitely won’t pass up a vape if it passed to me.

I received this as part of my ZampleBox for April 2014:
You can order this eliquid from